Excitement Builds

In a few  days excitement builds as we line the street at Many Peaks ready to ride!  8.30 is ride off time and it’s downhill – well for the first few hundred metres!  It’s a good route, undulating down across the Boyne River twice and the creeks should have a fresh in them from the recent rain.  The Discovery Centre is worth a look as you take your first rest stop, it’s also a great little camp ground.  As you go through Nagoorin you will notice a little craft store on the right, drop in if you like and take a quick look.  These flats you are going past are rich and fertile alluvial farmlands producing good quality beef cattle, hay and fodder crops and nutritious milk at the only remaining dairy farm in the Boyne Valley.

And this is just part of the whole experience of sights and sounds, the fragrant bush, the friends and laughter.  On a personal level you challenge yourself and  support Gladstone Schools Chaplaincy. Come ride with us on July 23, looking forward to it!

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