30km Option for Those Still Getting Fit!

There is continuing excitement in the air at Gladstone – people are out and about getting ready for the ride! Have you registered yet?  Time is running out to register for the picturesque ride from Many Peaks to Yarwun. Click here so you don’t miss out and then Click here to view a short clip of previous years rides. If you are feeling that 100 km is a bit too long?  Why not have a go at the 30km ride starting at 12noon, Bunting Park, Calliope with Chappy Cathy doing the briefing at 12noon. Riders will need to leave at the same time due to safety reasons. Everything else stays the same, and you will be joining in the celebrations and meeting the other riders at the finish line. If your not keen on riding then be there to cheer all the riders along the way.  They will welcome your support.

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    1. Hello Steve, the 30km ride starts at Bunting Park, Calliope at 12noon. Chappy Cathy will be doing the briefing and for safety reasons riders will need to start at the same time.

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