If Your Keen – why not ride both ways!

Good evening everyone – here is a post from Rodent Newell from our Facebook event page –

OK Team, This is the plan, we meet at the Kirkwood road lights and leave at 4.30am Saturday 23rd July. Anybody who wants to link up can meet on Kirkwood as we head down and onto Dawson Highway. We form up and ride out to Many Peaks at “tempo”. This is just tapping out k’s at about 200-220 watts average, so not too taxing. The days before I can collect any bags etc you want taken to Many Peaks and deliver them to Chappy Dale (or whoever is taking the bus out). At Many Peaks we refuel and rewater. Then we turn and paceline into Calliope, through River ranch then across Calliope River Road to Yarwun. Should take 2hrs 40 minutes or so! If anybody else wants to come on this little adventure with us, please let them know. It will be a bit chilly, so I suggest you prepare for the trip out and swap to warmer gear at Many Peaks. And an someone put $10 on Cat Newells sponsor page so she doesn’t feel unloved!

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